Joann Rosario: An Inspiration of Faith and Music Joann Rosario is a name that resonates with many across the globe. An internationally recognized worship leader, singer, songwriter, and pastor, she has touched countless lives with her music and teachings. Born in Chicago to Puerto Rican parents, Joann’s journey is a testament to her faith and dedication. Her Stellar Career in Gospel Music Joann’s musical journey began with her debut CD, “More, More, More,” which introduced her to Gospel audiences in 2001. The Joann Rosario lyrics in this album, especially in the song “More More More,” have inspired many. Since then, she has traveled the world, sharing her music and collaborating with Gospel music greats such as Richard Smallwood, Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ, Pastor Marvin Sapp, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, and Yolanda Adams. Her music has not only entertained but also inspired and uplifted many. Her Joann Rosario tracks are a staple in the Joann Rosario gospel genre. In addition to her music career, Joann served as the National Music Director for Maranatha World Revival Ministries.

Her leadership and musical talents have played a significant role in the ministry’s outreach and impact. Her song, “We Overcame,” is a testament to her faith and the power of perseverance. Author and Devotional Guide Joann’s influence extends beyond music. She is the author of “Father, Here I Am”—a 40-day devotional for women. Through this devotional, she guides readers on a spiritual journey, helping them develop a personal relationship with God. Her Pastoral Work and Teaching Joann’s passion for teaching people about God led her to establish and pastor the Maranatha Life Church in Austell, GA. Her ministry is marked by powerful worship, simple but profound teaching of Biblical principles, and the manifestation of healing and deliverance by the power of the Holy Spirit. She is most passionate about teaching people how to develop a personal relationship with God, a mission she carries out with dedication and fervor. Connecting with the World Joann maintains a strong online presence, connecting with her followers through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. She frequently goes live on Facebook, preaching, conducting children’s ministries, and sharing her faith. Her posts and live sessions are a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for many. Her Personal Life Joann Rosario got married on December 31, 2008. Her husband is Cory “CoCo Br

Ansley Burns

The Small-Town Girl with Big Dreams A Star Born in Easley, South Carolina In the cozy heart of Easley, South Carolina, a star found its origin. Ansley Burns, a girl from a small town with dreams larger than life, has been creating ripples in the vast ocean of the music industry. From the humble beginnings in her hometown to the dazzling stages of America’s Got Talent and The Voice, her journey is a living testament to her undeniable talent, unyielding resilience, and a burning passion for music that’s hard to ignore. A Semifinalist on America’s Got Talent It was on the 14th season of America’s Got Talent that Ansley first etched her name in the hearts of millions. Her performances were nothing short of mesmerizing. The audience was captivated, held in the thrall of her vocal prowess. Yet, for Ansley, this was just the beginning. The end of one journey marked the start of another as she set her sights on a new horizon, a new stage to conquer. A New Journey on The Voice Fueled by talent and a determination that was hard to match, Ansley found herself on Season 22 of The Voice. Here, she didn’t just participate, she shone, outshining many of her contemporaries. One performance that stands out is her rendition of the Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” during the Blind Auditions. This performance wasn’t just a performance; it was a spectacle. 

Garnering over 864,975 views and 9,033 likes on YouTube, it showcased Ansley’s impressive vocal range and her ability to deliver a performance that was as powerful as it was emotional. The Girl Behind the Music Ansley Burns is more than just the girl you see on stage. She’s a sensation that went viral, a trailblazer who made history, and a source of inspiration through her music. Her journey, which spans from her early years to her life after America’s Got Talent, stands as a testament to her resilience and an unwavering passion for music that refuses to dim. A Harmonious Blend of Country and Christian Country When it comes to her music, Ansley creates a unique symphony. It’s a blend of country and Christian country, genres that perfectly mirror her roots and her faith. Her songs? They’re not just melodies and lyrics. They’re reflections of her experiences, her dreams, and her journey. They’re stories that resonate with a wide audience, making each song a shared experience. A A Shining Beacon of Hope But Ansley Burns isn’t just a singer. She’s a beacon of hope, a shining light


My name is Naylah Campechano. I am 14 years old and I am a Freshman Student at Wade Hampton High School. I am a singer/songwriter that loves to write and play the piano. I have 5 written songs available at all music platforms. I had the amazing opportunity to be part of “Big River” at The Greenville Theater and “High School Musical Jr” at The Greer Cultural Arts. I was also part of 2 plays “Love a’int Supposed To Hurt” and “Desperate Measure II” at The Peace Center. I had the amazing opportunity to get 1st place with a Piano Composition called “Rain In Paris” and also 1st place in Greenville County for Music Composition, both written by me. Recently got 1st place at “Clinton Got Talent” and Best Rising Star 2023. I also had the opportunity to sing The National Anthem at Greenville Drive for a baseball game. I am a huge believer that God has a plan for every step I make and his plans are better than mine.


Al Harris is a Minister and a rap artist who was born and raised in Nicholtown/Fieldcrest 1983. His mother and father was addicted to crack cocaine which lead to them handing Al Harris over to his grandmother.
Al adapted to the streets at the age of 12-13. After graduating High School like his parents Al became addicted to crack cocaine also which lead to Robberies, him being shot and eventually incarceration. In 2006 Al’s mom Sybil Smith was shot 14 times in Laurens county, left on side of the highway for dead.
His mother survived those shots and shortly after that Al was shot also then sentenced to 15 years in the state prison.
Al was released Sept. 5th 2012 attended Bible college two semesters, became a licensed minister, a rap artist, an actor, he has his own clothing brand and leads a ministry called Fit For A King!
Al hit Billboard 3 weeks in a row. The third week knocking Kanye West out of #3 Now Al ministers every opportunity he gets while preparing for his Solo Album set to release in September.
Most importantly he’s a Father, a devoted husband and a Man who seeks to please God with his Gifts and life’s experiences!



Gene Hoskins is a licensed mental health therapist and singer. He has written songs on his project that incorporate both therapy and Christ. Gene is located in North Carolina and can often be found singing with powerful praise and worship leaders, Miranda Curtis and Jonathan Nelson


Kiid K is a producer whose style and words are current to this generation.  His singles Going Up and Love Never Stops, a husband wife duo, are currently played on 96.9 Rejoice FM radio.  Kiid K aka Aaron Donaldson owns a production company in Spartanburg SC and is also a sound engineer for Relentless Church.


This group was one of the first and only choirs out of this area who were well polished, exuberant, and effective. They inspired the greater Greenville SC area for years and produced many great singers. Ministers, music producers, and professionals who were groomed by many years traveling and singing. Many musicians, worshippers, & singers couldn’t wait to go to a midnight service…yes a service that started at midnight … to hear Larry McCullough & Chosen Generation. 


Yvette Simone is not only an inspiration gospel music writer and creator but also a powerful praise and worship leader in the Shelby North Carolina area. Yvette has been a singer and a musician from a young age. Her motto is: “Natural ability will only take a talented artist so far, but a strong will, faith in God and determination will help push an artist forward and driven towards development and success.”


Rudy Currence is currently signed with MIKECHEK Entertainment and no longer an indie artist. We at are so absolutely grateful to be a part of this artist’s emerging season.


Rudy graduated from Furman University with a BA in Voice Performance, Jazz, and Classical Piano. Now he is has a #1 Billboard Charting Single, a Grammy and Dove winning producer.


He has appeared on “The View”, BET, and The Breakfast Club. He has toured nationally and internationally in venues such as the House of Blues, Hard Rock Cafe, and The Apollo Theatre.


Rudy is releasing a Christmas single on December 10th 2021 and scheduled to go to Paris and London early December as well